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La Bella Health & Beauty, Beauty Salon Forest Lake Queensland (QLD). Permanent Hair Reduction FAQS

Q: How does it work?
A: The light output from the applicator is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This then heats up the hair follicle and disables it so it cannot grow back.

Q: What areas can be treated?
A: This procedure works well on the face, neck, chest, arms, back, underarms, legs and bikini line.

Q: Are there any side-effects?
A: Due to the special parameters used there are little or no side-effects. The treatment has been likened to being flicked by a hair brush or rubber-band, but the skin may go slightly red for a few hours.

Q: How many treatments does it require? .
A: In most cases you will see a result after 3 treatments but there is a significant improvement if the treatment is repeated at regular intervals. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can undergo. After treatment it will appear that the hairs continue to grow. What is actually happening Is that the hair is still gripped by the skin and is slowly being expelled from the follicle.

Q: How often do I need IPL?
A: A series of treatments are performed every 4 weeks. Hairs grow in cycles and it is only during the active growth phase that the hair follicle is susceptible to being treated. You may find that one treatment has very impressive results, but several treatments are usually necessary for the best results.

Q: When will I see results?
A: As the process is designed to reduce the density Of the hair growth you will start to see results after your second treatment. Because you see yourself everyday it is difficult for you to see gradual improvements taking place.

Q: What hairs cannot be treated?
A: Blonde and Grey hairs.

Q: Can I continue waxing?
A: Once starting IPL, pulling the hair from the follicle contradicts the treatment, therefore waxing, plucking and emjoy are not allowed. However one may shave, cut, use depilatory creams or clippers as often as needed.

Q: How long do the effects last for?
A: Nobody can categorically state how long the effects will last for due to the reasons stated below.
It is important to understand that there are numerous hair follicles in every square centimetre of skin on the body for example, the chin has approximately 455 follicles per cm2 and the thigh about 55 follicles per cm2. As you can see, where we might have disabled a hair follicle there are adjacent ones that might not have been treated in the correct phase of hair growth and may grow through at any time. Additionally, due to alterations within the body new hair growth may also be stimulated.

Q: Who can get IPL?
A: The ideal candidate for IPL hair removal is an individual with light skin and thick dark hair. These individuals will receive the best results. If an individual has dark skin and dark hair, they can still be treated, but may need more treatments.

Q: What kind of results should I expect?
A: IPL technology has been proven to create a permanent reduction in the number of regrowing hairs following each treatment in most skin types. The number of treatments required depends on several factors related to your specific kind of hair and skin. A customized treatment program will be designed with you along with an estimate of how many treatments you may need in order to meet your expectations.

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ipl Package Deals

Lip $ 25.00 $ 120.00
Chin $ 30.00 $ 144.00
Extended Chin $ 40.00 $ 192.00
Underarm $ 60.00 $ 288.00
Side of Face $ 60.00 $ 288.00
Navel Trail $ 50.00 $ 240.00
1/2 Leg $ 160.00 $ 768.00
Full Leg $ 280.00 $ 1,344.000
Feet & Toes $ 50.00 $ 240.00
G-String Bikini $ 75.00 $ 360.00
Brazilian $ 100.00 $ 480.00
Neck (Front OR Back ) $ 100.00 $ 480.00
Chest $ 120.00 $ 576.00
Chest & Stomach $ 200.00 $ 960.00
Full Back $ 250.00 $ 1,200.00
1/2 Back $ 190.00 $ 912.00
Full Arm $ 200.00 $ 960.00
1/2 Arm $ 100.00 $ 480.00
Full Face $ 125.00 $ 318.75
Half Face $ 95.00 $ 242.25
Neck $ 100.00 $ 255.00
Decoletage $ 125.00 $ 318.75
Neck & Decolletage $ 150.00 $ 328.50
Face, Neck & Dec $ 240.00 $ 612.00
Hands $ 50.00 $ 127.50

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